Hey everybody, laugh at the wanker

Every day my bus trip to university takes me past an Edge church. The location of this particular Edge church is both painful and hilarious. Prior to the arrival of this not-at-all-creepy franchise church, this building was the Investigator Science & Technology Center, a pretty cool place for school kids to learn and get excited about science. Now it’s a church. Hilarious.

Edge Church International (can’t you just feeeel God’s love in the name?) was founded by Danny Guglielmucci. It’s a member of Australian Christian Churches, like Hillsong and The Compound. Turns out Mr. Guglielmucci’s son Michael has been getting into a little trouble. He told people he had a terminal illness. On the back of this claim he released a single. Turns out he was full of shit.

It’s okay though, the explanation actually makes a lot of sense. Michael Guglielmucci doesn’t have cancer, he’s just addicted to porn. That’s why he said he had cancer. Porn addiction. That’s why he went around with oxygen tubes in his nose. Porn addiction. That’s why he led his family to believe that he was dying. Porn addiction.

I’m pretty sure the porn industry would like to tell Guglielmucci - both the lying dipshit of a son and the father who tosses off this explanation as if it makes a lick of sense - to go fuck himself. Maybe he can watch some more porn to get some ideas.