Now we’re defenseless you bastards

I’ve brought this up before but damnit it needs to be brought up again. If one stops and thinks about the amount of advertising we see every day, it can be overwhelming. I have an hour-long bus ride each morning which takes me from a shopping center, through the center of the CBD, past a series of small shops along a main road, and finally to campus. Advertising is everywhere, even on the bus. This isn’t a screed, just an observation. The advertising is so ubiquitous that it just becomes part of the background noise.

Then you see things like this: Commander Keen, looking down on you from a wall. Peering out from somewhere he shouldn’t be.

In a sense it should be mildly outrageous. It is, after all, graffiti. It’s vandalism. I personally hate graffiti but I recognise that’s largely because I don’t like the culture and the people who tag. This though, this appeals to me. Partly because I have fond memories of young William Blazcowicz II - Commander Keen was one of the first PC games I ever played - but a lot of it has to do with the non-sequiter nature of the image. Though the brand has all but faded from view, it is still a commercial image, but the placement of the Keens throughout Adelaide is almost anti-advertisement in nature. Keen isn’t trying to get in your face in the way that other graffiti and other advertising does. He’s down dingy alleyways. He’s around corners. He’s on rooftops. He’s watching over the city.

I bring this up because the Keen I passed every day on the bus is now gone. How boring.