My Level of Interest in Your Level of Interest

So I just got off the phone with someone from an SEO company trying to shill their “artificial intelligence” technology to “drive traffic to [my] website”. I never have the nerve to act as misanthropically a I might feel in these situations so I didn’t tell this (apparently American) gentleman just how loathsome I find his employers. I merely insisted that I never inquired about their services, and ended the call.

It should be noted here that telemarketers are fucking liars, and despite this individual’s claims, I am fairly certain where they got my number from.

These flaming shit-turds have rendered Google’s search results practically unusable on certain topics. Thank FSM for sites like Stack Overflow for providing a centralized, moderated store of knowledge. The distributed model seems to quickly fall apart once the SEO cunts get a whiff of empty profits.

My readership here on is at most around 3. Sometimes I do and sometimes I do not make up one of that number. It’s not a terribly interesting site, and it is updated so infrequently and inconsistently that anyone looking to it to entertain themselves might want to save everyone the trouble and play tonsil hockey with an electrical outlet.

Were I actually interested in boosting my readership, perhaps I’d pick a topic an stick to it, rather than ranting on some bullshit piece of Internet pedantry one moment, and posting links to Daniel Radcliffe being a massive dork on TV the next. Perhaps I’d enable comments so that ratty little 2.0 kids could shit their ill-formed opinions all over the small part of the web that I maintain and pay for.

No thanks, the only ill-formed opinions here will be my own.

Or finally, if I wanted to drive traffic to my site I could do all of the above, and then take the $50 adapted vouchers Google keeps sending my way, and buy the eyeballs of the next guy searching for big rubber cocks, in the hope that he’ll be so enamored of my taste in old William Shatner commercials that he’ll friend me on Facebook. And follow me on Twitter.

Or I could just keep posting the same random boring meaningless shit here because I like the name, and I like tinkering with the site. And not everything is about ripping off other peoples content and slapping your logo on it and calling it work. I still naively see a personal website as a personal website. Not a blog, and certainly not an emerging business model.

So just wrapping up, go to hell you joy-killing cunts.