Sitting Here, Slightly Baffled (

Adrian Hon, writing for The Telegraph:

There are just two simple reasons why app piracy isn’t common:

  1. Most apps are incredibly cheap
  2. Buying an app takes about 5 seconds

It’s not because Apple or its developers are sending armies of lawyers around the world chasing down pirates, or because governments have threatened to cut off pirates’ internet connections; it’s because people just can’t be bothered.

Back in 2005 I wrote an essay with a similar thesis for a class on globalisation in cinema. Specifically I was referring to the impact the (then) iTunes Music Store had had on the monetisation of digital music downloads. Sufficient quality and sufficient convenience are rewarded.

It’s a fair enough article, though I’m a bit baffled by the suggestion that nobody ‘knows how’ to pirate iOS apps. Perhaps the environment has changed but the last time I was running a jailbreak about a year ago, there was an entirely “free” equivalent of the App Store which (once set up) made downloading a pirated app almost as simple as downloading a legitimate one.