Jon Bon Whovi? Har Har (

So on an interview behind the Sunday Times paywall, recording haircut Jon Bon Jovi has claimed that Steve Jobs is “personally responsible for killing the music business.” It seems like an odd choice of words, since what he seems to be pining for is the non-business-related ephemera of the music experience.

It’s not a new complaint, but I still think it’s a stupid one. The transition of music from albums to digital singles happened well before the iTunes Music Store came along in 2003. What Apple and its ilk reminded a clueless music industry of was that customer service matters. These digital download vendors made it easier and more convenient to purchase music legitimately than to bother with the less-than-legitimate services. People responded, and the music business got paid.

This is a bothersome argument because it comes up again and again as old media empires fail to adapt to new realities, and decide to screw their customers instead.

And yeah, some of the phrases I used in this post left me a little ill.