Fiddling With the App Store (

It took me a while to find a relevant article on a site that didn’t make me feel unclean. Gamasutra is okay, or it was when I read it ten years ago. Perhaps I’m thinking of something else. Anyway, Apple have made it a little harder for kids to spend all their parents’ damn money on stupid in-app purchases.

Of course all the things I get via IAP is awesome and valuable. Actually I believe I’ve only bought one thing, and that was the “remove ads” option in PlainText. I’ve just had to restore my iPod and thanks to a small amount of stupidity on my part, the backup was not properly restored. So now my copy of PlainText is showing the IAP option as unpurchased. According to this page here, I can just ‘purchase’ it again and it will be restored for no charge.

When they finally get around to revamping the App Store, I hope they make the experience of re-downloading an item a little less blind. It’s no fun having no idea whether I’m plunking another $6 down on something I’ve already paid for.