iPad 2 (apple.com)

I need to keep reminding myself that when it comes to video cameras, “HD” is a ridiculously low threshold. The new model iPad seems to carry the same two cameras that the iPod Touch does, rather than the higher quality units found on the iPhone. I know on the Touch, this seems to limit some apps. Google Googles for instance will not work on the Touch camera. I wonder if this will remain the case. Like the Touch, the iPad’s front-facing camera seems incapable of taking a photo that will natively fill the screen. Interesting.

Other than that, a decent update. A little bit lighter, quite a bit thinner, with the same tapered features of the 4th iPod Touch. Judging my the photos this means the same angled buttons along the side, instead of the flat buttons of the previous model. I’ve found these more difficult to push on the Touch, instead tending to use two fingers to pinch them - one finger on the button, one on the front of the device.

The Smart Cover looks pretty interesting, reminiscent of Amazon’s Kindle case. I’m curious how well the magnets will hold when slipped in and out of a bag however, and whether I’d even be comfortable with something not covering the whole device. It does seem possible however for third-party manufacturers to leave room on the side for the case.

The other new accessory, the HDMI adapter supporting 1080p output, would seem to suggest that the next Apple TV will have no problems handling full HD.

Nothing on iOS 5, but an announcement of iMovie and Garageband for iPad. I think I’ll be sticking to Final Cut on a Mac Pro, but nice to see anyway.

Available to buy on March 25, but in the meantime Apple AU seems to have dropped the price on the existing models.