The Station Agent

I wasn’t much a fan of Death at a Funeral, but I did find Peter Dinklage pretty damn funny. Now I hear he’s playing Tyrion Lannister in the HBO’s forthcoming A Game of Thrones series, which sounds just damn perfect. Any time I’ve heard Dinklage mentioned, The Station Agent has invariably been mentioned along with it, and since I’m supposed to be a film fan I figured I should take a look.

Dinklage plays Fin, a rail fan who loses a friend and gains a disused depot in remote Newfoundland, New Jersey. He’s a quiet and isolated guy, clearly many years past peoples taunts and sympathies, and Dinklage manages to make this silence and constraint compelling. Of course he gets pulled out of his shell, but thankfully not by the typical ‘homeliness’ of small-town America. Rather, it’s a handful of similarly isolated individuals who play off Fin. Patricia Clarkson‘s Olivia is a woman who has lost her family, while Bobby Cannavale‘s Joe seems to have lost his social life while caring for his ill father.

It’s a low-key film which relies on its performances, and to the credit of all involved, they work extremely well.