My Money Is No Good

I’m listening to an episode of SETI’s Are We Alone podcast, specifically a very interesting interview with Sean Carroll, author of Remarkable Creatures. I’m hearing a fascinating account of Alfred Wallace, the other man who discovered natural selection. I’d love to read more, but I go to the Amazon Store and there is no version of the text available for Kindle.

Some friends of mine are in the process of optioning a novel they want to adapt into a feature film. The novel sounds really interesting. So I go to the Amazon Store and there’s a Kindle version there. I can’t buy it however, because I’m an Australian and I live in Australia. So I hunt around at local stores but no electronic version is available to me.

I want to read these books. I want to buy these books and support the authors and even the publishing apparatus that supports them. But I want them in the form I want to read them. Clearly there is a problem here.