The X is for Shitstorm (Broken link)

Apple released Final Cut Pro X late last night. I grabbed it, and I’m eagerly awaiting an opportunity to give it a real go. I’m not quite ready to slot it into my workflow, which is a nice coincidence since FCPX isn’t quite ready to be slot into any workflow just yet.

Steve Martin (not that one) gives an excellent overview of the new app over at The changes look intriguing, but it’s what has been left out so far that gives me pause:

  • No EDL or XML export. Apple says a new XML solution is forthcoming, which is good, but leaves the current product with apparently no way to send a project on for online editing.

  • No OMF export. Sound seems to be deadended as well. Without this I can’t send a project into Pro Tools for someone with half a clue about sound to work on it.

  • Weak tape capture support. FCPX is all about tapeless media, which is great, but I’ll still be working with tape for a long time.

As far as the app’s editing capabilities go, I think calling it iMovie Pro is unfair. Without at least the first two bullet points however, it becomes impossible to slot FCPX in its current form into my workflow. That’s a big problem.