A smaller iPad (twitter.com)

Jeff Atwood on Twitter:

I bet you one zillion dollars the success of the Kindle Fire forces Apple to finally make the smaller iPad they should have always made.

Not personally convinced that a 7” iPad would be the great idea he thinks it would be. Just shrinking the iPad to 7” would not be satisfactory. Interfaces would need to be rethought as they were when iPhone developers started developing natively for the iPad. Apple would essentially be launching a third iOS platform, not just augmenting the existing iPad line.

I’ve also played with an original Galaxy Tab and setting aside that the software was fairly horrible, the form factor did zilch for me. I hope the Kindle Fire does well. It looks like the first tablet where the manufacturer has actually given some thought to how the customer is going to continue to use it after the initial purchase. But I’m still plenty happy with my COLOSSAL 10” iPad, thanks.