No balls, indeed (

Andy Baio for Wired, in reference to the individual behind the short-lived Daring No Balls website:

He was using all the ordinary precautions for hiding his identity — hiding personal info in the domain record, using a different IP address from his other sites, and scrubbing any shared resources from his WordPress install.

Nonetheless, I found his other blog in under a minute — a thoughtful site about technology and local politics, detailing his full name, employer, photo, and family information. He worked for the local government, and if exposed, his anonymous blog could have cost him his job.

Baio raises a good point about the use of third-party sources and their impact on anonymity. He even uncovered a couple of instances where the repercussions of discovery would be a bit greater than the Internet laughing at your childishness.

The comments, as always, are a brilliant reflection of the rational Internet hivemind.