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FatPinkCast is basically tearing it up right now.

If an author wants to use the cultures and history created by people of colour, then perhaps they should also include those people of colour instead of taking “inspiration” from their cultures and leaving them out of the equation? I don’t know if you realise this, but if someone says that their story is based on Medieval Moorish Spain, chooses to represent the region with art featuring camels that are only found in certain parts of Asia and Africa, and mosques, and Arabic fighting styles, and also orientalises all the people there…then it’s perfectly reasonable for people of colour to reach the conclusion that the people in this part of the story look like them.

Very quick background: HBO cast a white-passing Chilean as Oberyn Martell, a very popular character who belongs to the leading family of what many believed - with good reason - to be a land of people of colour. This prompted some back and forth during which GRRM explained that the Dornish were always supposed to be south european, so … white. Oh and along the way has been a lot of people screaming at POCs to sit down, shut up, and shut up while sitting down.

The crowd surfing scene at the end of Mhysa alone would be reason enough to stop watching the show. I’m not exactly enthused about finishing the book series at this point.

Note: title of this post swiped from this tumblr, which is covering this as well.