Anil Dash: Wrong about movies (

I don’t want to get too into this because it’s a thing steeped heavily in sub-culture. I go to the cinema, alone, to watch the movie. When I go with friends I don’t talk during the film and if I do it’s quiet enough that even they can barely hear it. I turn my phone off. I’m there to see the movie. Discussion comes afterwards.

The difference between my behaviour and that of people waving their stupid phones around and conversing with others is that my behaviour does not impede upon their viewing of the film, but their behaviour does impede on mine.

So fuck the fuck off with your “cultural conservatism” bullshit and shut the fuck up during a movie. Or watch the damn thing at home and get as drunk as you want off your gourmet microbrew.

Oh damn, this was where I didn’t want to end up. Anyway, there’s a Code of Conduct (PDF). It is good.