Reeder 2, now universal (

My favoured RSS reader for iOS has launched a brand new version with an all-new interface, improved support for a string of RSS aggregation services (I use Feed Wrangler). It fits right in with the new iOS 7.

I’m sifting back through my iTunes receipts and I see that I first bought Reeder for my iPod Touch for $3.99 back in August 2010. I bought the iPad version in April 2011 - I think my very first purchase on my new iPad 2 - for $5.99. For over 3 years now I’ve used this app daily and have been very happy with it, all for a grand total cost of $9.98.

Reeder 2, which is a universal app and so supports both iPhone and iPad, costs $5.49. I snapped it up immediately.

People complaining about the price are arseholes.