Apple’s October 2013 Announcements

Don’t worry, even I barely care about my opinions on the matter. This is just for me to clear my thoughts.

Mavericks: I wasn’t expecting free, and I shan’t complain. I look forward to trying out iCloud Keychain, though the fact I’m still in Windows a bit makes me think I’ll need to stick with 1Password — not a bad situation to be in at all.

MacBook Pro: I think it was on the last ATP that I heard someone float the notion that Apple would drop discrete graphics from the Pros, and when the Mavericks demonstration talked about boosting integrated graphics performance the writing was (literally) on the wall. Not too surprised, and since I’m no longer in the market for one of these I don’t have strong feelings either way.

Mac Pro: Quite surprised by the price. Unfortunately the BTO options are not available on the store yet so I can’t see just how ridiculously high that number can go.

iPad Air: Only surprise is that it has the A7 SOC but no TouchID. Next year I guess.

iPad Mini with Retina: Yay. And it has an A7 SOC. Yay. And it comes with up to 128GB. YAY. In fact it’s just a smaller iPad Air. HUZZAH. No pre-order date yet. Boo.

iPad 2: What the? I heard an interesting suggestion from Fraser Speirs that this model is sticking around mainly for the educational market, which mandates a minimum screen size which the Mini is too small for.

I think that’s all.