The Desolation of Smaug, or I guess my bullshit meter is slipping

I saw the new Hobbit film today, in 3D-HFR at the under-lit Palace Eximax cinema1. I found Jackson’s first Lord of the Rings trilogy dull, mostly because I have zero interest in the books. And I think they should have told lazy old Aragorn to fuck off in the first film and fix their own problems without his pointless royal arse. Don’t get me started on the eagles, holy shit.

HFR is weird. It’s a solution to a problem I don’t give a damn about2, and though I’ve sat through six hours of it now and it still looks no less odd, I still hope that people can figure out how to make it work. Perhaps the answer lies in embracing the format’s inherent weirdness and way of making everything look like a stage play. Who knows?

As for the film itself, I enjoyed this one more than the last though I could not particularly explain why. The post-film discussion revealed that a lot of it simply made no sense. It felt padded out, with some scenes seemed entirely pointless except that I suppose they occurred in the book. The more I think about it the more I wish they had have kept it in a lighter tone. Bentleskink Crunklesnap’s performance as Smaug, the dragon who clearly has not spoken to anyone in decades, is Shere Khan-levels of hammy delight.

  1. Or perhaps the local Hoyts cinema is somehow over-lit and that is spoiling me. All I know is, screen be dark. 

  2. It solves some motion problems with 3D stereoscopy. 3D can die in a fire.