Keeper of Lost Causes (Kvinden i buret)

The local distributors for this Danish crime drama have been dropping the name The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at every opportunity. As a quiet fan of procedural dramas, I’m actually enjoying this run of Scandinavian thrillers, even if they do often feel less like films and more like TV series (which I suppose says more about the quality of TV series these days).

I’m still not certain what happened in the first scene of Lost Causes. I was a distracted trying to figure out who was who when the bullets started flying. Before I knew it I was watching Cold Case: Denmark. Just when I was certain I was going to meet an out-there Lisbeth analogue who would loosen up the stodgy Avatar of Manpain (Nikolaj Lie Kaas), instead I was introduced to Assad (Fares Fares), a much more interesting and agreeable character to be around.

Under investigation is the disappearance of young politician Merete (Sonja Richter), and while Richter’s performance - and her transformation - are excellent, I don’t think David Stratton is wrong when he says this part of the film borders on torture porn.

The film feels like a pilot for a TV series and not surprisingly the next book in the series has already been adapted and is ready for release shortly. I’m not sure it will see a cinematic release here, but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it. This was quite fun, in its way.