Month Python (Mostly) Live

I am more familiar with Monty Python due to their influence and their films and later, non-Python works than I am with Flying Circus. I’ve gone back and watched a lot of the old episodes thanks to the Internet, and there is some ludicrous comedy and wonderful ideas in there, along with a heaping help of weird, creepy 70’s sexism.

That just about sums up this live show. I saw a “live” screening (actually the July 20th show) at the Nova, in a packed Cinema 9. It was a good crowd, with plenty of laughter and applause, particularly on the most well-known sketches and songs.

One could argue that it was all just a shameless cash-in, lazily trotting out the old jokes, and everyone laughing at them as they’ve been trained to do these last 40 years. This isn’t that far from the truth. But it’s not as if the individual Pythons are not off doing their own, much more interesting things.

Much more awkward than a group of old men telling very old jokes (which was in fact quite entertaining) were the special guests, in this case Mike Myers and Eddie Izzard. Two funny men, with nothing to do on stage but tell the Pythons how honoured they were to be there. Quite uncomfortable. The filmed appearance of Brian Cox and Stephen Hawking was much more fun, since it actually involved a joke.