Lana Polansky on ethics in videogame journalism (

In response to 4chan’s mob of misogynist loons raging against the machine, Kotaku banned their writers from contributing to independent developers via Patreon. (They were still allowed, of course, to buy games published by the large corporate entities who pay to advertise with Kotaku.)

A ban like this reaffirms the sanctity of corporate control and influence, as vulnerable individuals are thrown under the bus in the name of integrity. More than that, a ban like this is only meeting the demands of a violent hate group, letting hold the reins on a paradigm which they are so keen on preserving by denying it exists. Mark my words, this might look like damage control now, but it won’t protect anyone from the next drummed-up scandal the next time this hate group has something or someone to scapegoat in the hamstrung name of “ethics.”