I write here infrequently but I’m regularly posting links to things I find either interesting or memorable. I somehow never got used to bookmarks in the browser, so this is the closest I have to something searchable. I recently started using to save links so that I could read and review them later. Manually copying my saved links from Pinboard to the site generator (Pelican) was a little tedious, and running it through IFTTT was very rough, so I decided to teach myself some Python and come up with my own fix.

The result is Pindown and I’ve tried to make it as general purpose as possible.

I use it like this:

  1. Save a link to Pinboard either from my phone or using their bookmarklet.
  2. Have a cronjob running Pindown every 5 minutes looking for any new links.
  3. Pindown saves any new links to individual Markdown files in my drafts folder, using a customisable Jinja template. I have my template set up to put the supplied link description in as a blockquote, because that’s usually how I will post links here.
  4. I can then review my drafts folder, deleting the links I don’t like, and cleaning up and publishing those that I do.

It’s not perfect and it’s very niche, but it is useable and I find it useful.