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The Easy Way To Learn Hard Stuff (

The last couple of years I’ve spent a lot of time teaching myself web development and machine learning. While the subjects have differed a lot — from Javascript, Node and React to Python, Scikit Learn and neural networks — my approach to learning has stayed the same.

Building a virtual Amiga for retrogaming (

Now that I have a solid system based around an Amiga 1200 running OS3.1 (in my experience the best configuration for running the vast majority of games) with dozens of classic games installed on a virtual hard drive, I thought I’d put together what I hope is an easy-to-follow guide for those who want to be able play Amiga games without too much fuss or technical knowledge.

Setting up VNC on Raspberry Pi for Mac (

I wanted to set up VNC on my Raspberry Pi so I could use it via a remote desktop on my MacBook Air. There are lots of instructions scattered in various places around the web, but now I’ve put together a comprehensive set of things to do, I thought it might be useful to share it in one place.

They will seize their chance (

I have heard of the need to forcefully avert the dwindling of the white race. I have heard of the “one bullet cure” for homosexuality. I have heard of the need to rescue the office of the presidency and restore America to a Christian state. I have heard of the righteousness of being prepared to protect Christendom with armed resistance when the present secular government springs its fatal trap. I have heard of the eschatological obsession over Jerusalem and the ever-nearer apocalypse. I have heard, in short, of extremists preparing for war.

An Unbelievable Story of Rape (

No one came to court with her that day, except her public defender. She was 18 years old, charged with a gross misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail.

Everything Doesn’t Happen For A Reason (

And then he utters the words. The words that are responsible for nothing less than emotional, spiritual and psychological violence:

Everything happens for a reason. That this was something that had to happen in order for her to grow.

That’s the kind of bullshit that destroys lives. And it is categorically untrue. 

MRA Dilbert (

Taking the words of Scott Adams and combining them with the art of Scott Adams.

The Raspberry A600PI AMIGA (

What do an Amiga A600 and the Raspberry PI have in common? Well at the time of their release, both were considered small micro computers. So what do you get when you combine the quad core power of a RPI-2 Model B and the compact design of an Amiga 600? In theory, a compact quad core Amiga, that runs Linux. But that’s just a theory right? No one’s actually gone to the trouble of making such a freaky hybrid have they?

ZType (

A very fun little typing game.

How to Use Let’s Encrypt With Dreamhost (

Unfortunately, the default client requires things that may not be available on, for example, a shared host. That client needs to manipulate the server process, which requires root access, and also installs certificates directly on the machine. Most shared hosts make neither of these actions available.

Up to the part about installing the certificate, this advice seems fairly portable.

Once more unto the breach – of good taste (

David Mitchell at The Guardian:

It’s like they’re jostling to make soundbites worthy of the trailer for a Jack Ryan movie. It’s all serious and stirring, but also inappropriately slightly fun. Frankie Boyle summed up my misgivings when he tweeted about Wednesday’s Commons debate: “Kind of disturbed by the palpable excitement in parliament. The truth is our politicians like wars because they make them feel important.”

Python List Comprehensions Explained Visually (

List comprehensions in Python are great, but mastering them can be tricky because they don’t solve a new problem: they just provide a new syntax to solve an existing problem.

Let’s learn what list comprehensions are and how to identify when to use them.

How to destroy an American family (

Since 2010, the Straters have been under assault from an online campaign of ever-increasing harassment—prank deliveries, smear attacks, high-profile hacks, and threats of violence against schools and law enforcement officials in their name—and it’s slowly torn them apart. Masterminding it all, Blair charges, is a teenage computer hacker from Finland, at war with him over a seemingly minor dispute spun completely out of control.

We can save atheism from the New Atheists like Richard Dawkins (

As early as 1842, Marx dismissed those who trumpeted their disbelief to children as “assuring everyone who is ready to listen to them that they are not afraid of the bogeyman”. For him, intellectual disproofs of God were trivial; what mattered was building a world that didn’t give rise to mystification of any kind.

I wore the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy for a week (

The postman knocks on my door at about midday. When I open the door, he is already looking down to see if I’m still wearing the Pip-Boy. I am. He hands me my post, frowning.

All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu dies aged 40 (

New Zealand is mourning one of its greatest sporting heroes after the former All Blacks player Jonah Lomu died unexpectedly in Auckland on Wednesday at the age of 40.

Decoding Daesh (

If you’ve followed coverage of this attempted official linguistic sea change, you’ll have gathered that the new name, although it’s just an Arabic acronym equivalent to the English ‘ISIS’, apparently delegitimises the organisation, mocks them, and thus drives them to threaten taking violent retribution on anyone who uses it.

The New Intimacy Economy (

Everybody knows Facebook is creepy. Nonetheless, all this time it never occurred to me to delete my account until it began doing this: Trying to act like a person. Pretending we are on a first-name basis.

Amy Pascal Wins Zoe Quinn’s Gamergate Memoir ‘Crash Override’ (

Amy Pascal’s Pascal Pictures has won a bidding battle for Crash Override: How To Save The Internet From Itself, a memoir by game designer Zoe Quinn that sold to Touchstone/Simon & Schuster and will be published September, 2016. The property was bid on by several studios and TV outlets, and several actresses are circling, with interest from Scarlett Johansson said to be keenest.

Star Trek TV Series in the Works (

The new Star Trek TV series continues Kurtzman’s relationship with the beloved franchise. He produced the Star Trek feature film series, co-writing 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness and 2009’s franchise revival.

What could possibly go wrong?

SXSW’s GamerGate Debacle Shows It’s Clueless on Diversity (

Leigh Alexander:

Technology events continue to invite us to appear on panels and roundtables—to donate our time, effort and expertise, and sometimes even risk our own safety—but they have not listened to us on a basic level. Our experience doesn’t matter to them; what does is our presence. By relying on us for the optics of diversity without protecting us or respecting what we say, they’re making a bid for relevance on our backs.