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Installing CS6 on macos Sierra (

So far the CS6 installers do not run in the macOS Sierra GM. I went for a clean install this time because I could no longer fathom the stench of Dropbox upon my system. So here is a quick and easy way to get the CS6 installers running again:

$ cd /Volumes/CS6\ ProdPrm/Adobe\ CS6\ Production\ Premium/
$ ./Install

Adobe: A pernicious single-frame Keylight glitch in After Effects (

You get handed a project for finishing. Seven minutes of nested sequences and within those, Dynamic Links to After Effects projects. A 30 minute export later, and there are frames scattered throughout with single-frame visual glitches. Horizontal bands of misshapen video.

You dive in to the After Effects project and find layers with the Keylight plugin attached. You check settings and lose hair for a few minutes as you can not find any glaring problem with the settings. You fire up a browser and search, and find a ridiculous - but of course, useful - workaround.

An alternative solution is to set a key frame with just a slight adjustment for any setting within Keylight that won’t visibly affect the frame in question, then switch it back after the frame passes. For me, I set the pre-screen blur to 0 px on both sides of the frame, and then to .1 for the problem frame.

Ah, computers.