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Happiga (

A Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi for the sole purpose of launching into UAE4ARM, preconfigured as an Amiga 4000.

A-EON Amiga X5000 review (

From Ars Technica:

It is by no means the fastest PC ever made, but it is certainly the fastest Amiga ever produced. The operating system harkens back to the days when computing was more personal, less corporate, and a lot more fun. Although the X5000 is not inexpensive, and there are those who will bemoan the fact that there isn’t a build of AmigaOS that will run on cheap ARM-based hardware like the Raspberry Pi, I think that A-EON’s plan to produce aspirational hardware is probably the right one.

Count me as one of those bemoaners. Kind of. I’m slowly building a system around a Raspberry Pi 3 inside an Amiga 1200 case (because I am an original and creative thinker). If I could boot it straight in to an Amiga OS that would be ideal. Instead it’s mostly RetroPie-based, and booting in to whichever emulator works the best.

Amiga Hardware Programming (

This tutorial series is the entry point for those who enjoy programming Assembly language and want to play with the excellent Amiga hardware, for fun and innovation.

More interesting shit that flies straight over my head.

The Amiga Demoscene Mixtape Vol. 1 (

A non-stop DJ Continous Mix featuring some of the greatest and most popular Soundtracks from the early 90s Old School Amiga Demos.

Building a virtual Amiga for retrogaming (

Now that I have a solid system based around an Amiga 1200 running OS3.1 (in my experience the best configuration for running the vast majority of games) with dozens of classic games installed on a virtual hard drive, I thought I’d put together what I hope is an easy-to-follow guide for those who want to be able play Amiga games without too much fuss or technical knowledge.

The Raspberry A600PI AMIGA (

What do an Amiga A600 and the Raspberry PI have in common? Well at the time of their release, both were considered small micro computers. So what do you get when you combine the quad core power of a RPI-2 Model B and the compact design of an Amiga 600? In theory, a compact quad core Amiga, that runs Linux. But that’s just a theory right? No one’s actually gone to the trouble of making such a freaky hybrid have they?

Deluxe Paint source code (

Dan Silva created DeluxePaint in 1985 at Electronic Arts, a then 3-year-old publisher of computer games. The initial goal was to write an internal graphics design program, called “Prism”, for creating game artwork at EA. But it quickly became clear that it was a general-purpose design tool that might have broad appeal outside of EA.

The 68000 Wars (

The start of an interesting if hyperbolic look at the birth of my beloved Amiga.