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As Error 53 fury mounts, Miles Brignall of The Guardian is left confused (

Miles Brignall is a consumer reporter, not a tech reporter. Not that tech reporters can be relied upon for much better. But it does help explain why this is 20 paragraphs of (aggregated) rampant speculation, with 2 paragraphs tacked on the end explaining what the problem actually is. With the bogeyman warning up front of “jargon” ahead, of course.

There’s an actual problem here. This is a shitty approach to writing about it.

Reasons for making a ‘smart watch’ (

David Pierce for Wired:

Apple decided to make a watch and only then set out to discover what it might be good for

Which is, presumably, a much worse reason than why everyone else made their smartwatch, which was “we heard Apple might be making one.”

OS X Mavericks: is Apple’s latest operating system really that lethal? (

Apple has another event coming up on Wednesday morning my time, and it’s set to be a royal clusterfuck I will not be able to avoid. New version of OS X (I’m getting it), new iPads (I want one), and even if I wanted to ignore all the press around that there are strong rumours of a FCPX 10.1 demonstration to go along with the new Mac Pro.

So I guess this bizarre article from The Guardian - which simply must be the result of the modern keyword-stuffing approach to journalism - is just the start.

Logic Pro X (

Apple has (finally) released the new version of their DAW, Logic Pro X, at the low low price of US$200. The only proper post-sound work I’ve ever done was in Avid’s ProTools which still seems to be the industry standard. Sound scares me.

Oliver Peters on the new Mac Pro (

The new Mac Pro is clearly intended to put the maximum horsepower literally on (or under) the desk of the working video editor, graphic designer, animator, scientist and others.

Apple is banking on increased reliance on the GPU to deliver visual performance. Out of the gate, there are two built-in GPUs. Clearly this will benefit core Apple creative software, like Final Cut Pro X, but also others, including DaVinci Resolve and many of the Adobe products.

I’m not certain I’m really in the market to be owning one of these personally, but technologically the biggest risk seems to be the GPU reliance. It will be interesting to see if it pays off.