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Avid 4K Workflow Pre 8.3 (

In this post I will briefly outline how to use Avid Media Composer and Apple FCP X for a cost-effective 4K post pipeline.

This came up talking to some students lately, who want to cut their A7S-acquired 4K footage in a pre-4K version of Avid, but still finish at full quality. The broad strokes outlined here seem to work well.

Avid: Adding multiple transition effects at one time (

The short version is: mark the clips you want to add transitions to with in and out points, rather than with the segment tool (which was what I was attempting).

I’m currently compiling around 200 clips that need the audio trimmed and quickly cleaned up. This will save me at least some boredom.

Avid Hates You (

There is no production software so well written that it does not inspire the occasional bout of bilious rage.

Avid: Audio Timewarp (

Got back a voiceover track today which came in a couple of seconds too long for the video. In FCP I would adjust the speed of the clip, and then apply a pitch filter to get it sounding correct. I’m sure there was a better way.

This is “a better way”, in Avid. It was still a bit quirky but it did the job.

Avid: Project Organisation (

Back on Final Cut Pro 7 I could use the very handy little app Post Haste to keep a uniform structure for all my projects. Avid does not rely on the filesystem in this manner however, and so far I’ve yet to find a similar solution.

In the meantime, this is a decent overview of how to organise a basic project in Media Composer.

Avid: Copy to Source Monitor (

Thought I’d noted this before. I was very happy when I learned of its existence.

Cmd + Option + C will copy the selected region and place it into the source monitor. You can then treat that sequence of clips like you would anything else in the source monitor. Great fun.

Similarly the Lift and Extract commands can be modified with Option.

Option + Z will lift the selected region and place it in the source monitor, while Option + X will extract and place in the source monitor.

Update 2013/07/11 Here’s me learning all kinds of basic keyboard shortcuts again. In Media Composer, C is your standard “Copy to Clipboard” shortcut, so Option + C is the modified shortcut you’re after here.

Avid: FluidMorph Transition (

Very often people get nervous in front of a camera and umm and ahh and so on and so forth. It’s why I refuse to appear on camera. One of the reasons anyway. Doing a clean radio edit often means ending up with really jumpy video which then needs to be covered by B-roll which may or may not have anything to do with what the subject is talking about. Joy.

FluidMorph is a great tool to smooth over these cuts. Like all great tools, don’t go overboard.

Avid for Final Cut Pro users (

I have to make the change myself shortly, so I’m looking for all the tips like this I can find. This is a real no-frills list of things to memorise, to hammer in to a thick skull.