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The best thing(s) about 4K & UHD (

Progressive only frame rates, and a frankly jaw-dropping color gamut.

Sure, it’ll all be watered down by the time it gets properly to market, and with the mediocre performance of Blu-Ray it seems likely the future of home distribution is streaming/download of high-resolution, low-bitrate video, but…

Look at the size of that triangle!

Maggie Rutjens, “The Waking Bear” (

Now that I have video embeds working (sort of) right here, why not embed this. It’s a music video I edited and colour corrected for Marcus McKenzie, produced as part of the Clip It initiative of the MRC.

It was a bit of a process, being the first real piece of work I got to do in FCPX. At the time I lacked a graphics card supported by Resolve, so the grade was done in Apple Color. I also had no straightforward way of getting the video from FCPX into Color either, so I used the ever-reliable “export the whole thing and slice it up in Color” method.

Now I can barely even look at the video, knowing all the things I’d fix if I had another shot at it in Resolve.