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Johann Ofner death a wake-up call for film and TV industry safety (

The ABC is yet to confirm what type of gun was used and if blanks were fired; however, paramedics said Mr Ofner had two penetrating chest wounds and was shot at close range.

Before the fatal shooting, Mr Ofner posted footage on his Instagram Stories feed of two guns on the set of the music video with the caption “faulty props”.

Nobody needs to die on film sets.

Functions of Film Sound: The Prestige (

Along with visual techniques, sound choices help smooth our understanding of the ongoing action. Each locale has its characteristic ambience—the prison with distant scuffling and slamming, the less cavernous echo of the warehouse that becomes Robert’s workshop, the warmer sound of the theaters, the crunching snow surrounding Tesla’s compound in Colorado.

Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode: the best double act in the movies? (

Kermode has identified himself as a feminist and a “God-bothering liberal critic”, so, do his reviews come with a moral agenda? “Here’s what I think, put very simply,” he starts. “In the end…”

“The answer to that is yes, by the way,” intercuts Mayo, “but here’s the long version.”