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MRA Dilbert (

Taking the words of Scott Adams and combining them with the art of Scott Adams.

With Bob and David: Resolutions (

The new Netflix sketch series W/ Bob and David, from Mr. Show creators Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, doesn’t debut until next month, but you can watch an early sketch from the series now.

Mia Matsumiya (@perv_magnet) (

4‘9” violinist & perv magnet. I’ve archived 1,000+ messages from creeps, weirdos & fetishists over the past 10 years. I’ve decided to post them all.

Men, you don’t have to make up words to drink pink (

What do you think when you encounter words like man-bag, man-bun, man-flu, guyliner, manscaping, or man-chips?

Maybe you think, “What is this malarkey, have I forgotten how to read English?”

Or perhaps you instead (rightly) think, “Wow, each of these words is really reinforcing the fact that masculinity is incredibly fragile.”

Manfeels Park (

The ‘delightful insights’ of mansplainers inserted into scenes traced from BBC Jane Austen adaptations (I think?). Do start from the beginning.

Stay in School (

High school students are flooding the cafeteria again. This is cathartic.

Doglets on Tumblr (

well son, a blog is formed when your loneliness and your narcissism fall in love with each other