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ZType (

A very fun little typing game.

I wore the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy for a week (

The postman knocks on my door at about midday. When I open the door, he is already looking down to see if I’m still wearing the Pip-Boy. I am. He hands me my post, frowning.

Destiny’s plot is the product of a last-minute redesign (

Breaking down your game’s narrative and jamming the pieces back together in a way that accommodates the team’s design goals is a common task in game development, and a new report from Kotaku suggests that the folks at Bungie may have done so on a remarkable scale during development of Destiny.

It’s Just a Ride (

By turns, we feel oppressively alone, yet constantly and menacingly under watch by more fear-inducing game spaces. We are with ourselves in these moments, and we are aware of ourselves, and it’s extremely uncomfortable.

Gun Home: The Ultimate Gone Home DLC (

Someone finally turned Gone Home into a Real Game™.

Because “Gamers” can’t stop finding ways in which to be terrible, there’s a really boring argument (like this one on Metafilter right now) around whether or not Gone Home even qualifies as a game. Short answer: yes of course it’s a game, stop being stupid.

Longer answer: there’s a fairly insidious attitude amongst some gamers that there are gamers, and there are fake gamers. Real gamers play “hardcore” games. Non-gamers play “casual” games. So if you only play Farmville and Candy Crush Saga, you’re not a real gamer! (Also, depressingly often, if you aren’t a man, you’re not a real gamer!) This line of argument leads to people simply saying that interactive fiction like Twine games and exploration games like Gone Home are simply not games.

I’m certain that the content of Gone Home has nothing to do with it.

Of course it’s a game. Stop being stupid.

The video is hilarious of course.

Tropes vs Women in Video Games starting March 7 (

Anita Sarkeesian’s series, which awesomely raised 2648% of its Kickstarter goal back in June 2012, kicks off on Thursday.

On the one hand, the Tropes vs Women series has always been insightful and entertaining and I look forward to the episodes. On the other, the ensuing shitstorm from a bunch of very angry gamers who insist they’re not angry at all will be … interesting.

Using a Dual Shock 3 Controller on a PC (

I own this really nice Blu-ray player called the Playstation 3. For some reason it was bundled with something resembling the Xbox 360’s game controller. Since so many PC games now are varying degrees of console port, I’ve finally put this odd lump of plastic to use via some drivers.

This also breathes a little extra life into Freespace 2, since my old USB joystick decided to explore other lifestyle options.

Pew, Pew, and More Pew (

Peculiar wording in one of its licensing agreements aside, I am finally a legitimate owner of Freespace 2 thanks to they-of-the-horribly-misguided-marketing-department, Good Old Games. Even before installing the open source enhancements, it remains a remarkably pretty game but perhaps that’s just me. Unfortunately my old USB joystick no longer even registers as a USB device, so I’m relegated to control via the mouse. It would be heresy I know, but I’d love to see a new X-Wing/Freespace 2 style game with the option for Freelancer-style mouse controls.