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As Error 53 fury mounts, Miles Brignall of The Guardian is left confused (

Miles Brignall is a consumer reporter, not a tech reporter. Not that tech reporters can be relied upon for much better. But it does help explain why this is 20 paragraphs of (aggregated) rampant speculation, with 2 paragraphs tacked on the end explaining what the problem actually is. With the bogeyman warning up front of “jargon” ahead, of course.

There’s an actual problem here. This is a shitty approach to writing about it.

OS X Mavericks: is Apple’s latest operating system really that lethal? (

Apple has another event coming up on Wednesday morning my time, and it’s set to be a royal clusterfuck I will not be able to avoid. New version of OS X (I’m getting it), new iPads (I want one), and even if I wanted to ignore all the press around that there are strong rumours of a FCPX 10.1 demonstration to go along with the new Mac Pro.

So I guess this bizarre article from The Guardian - which simply must be the result of the modern keyword-stuffing approach to journalism - is just the start.