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Happiga (

A Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi for the sole purpose of launching into UAE4ARM, preconfigured as an Amiga 4000.

A-EON Amiga X5000 review (

From Ars Technica:

It is by no means the fastest PC ever made, but it is certainly the fastest Amiga ever produced. The operating system harkens back to the days when computing was more personal, less corporate, and a lot more fun. Although the X5000 is not inexpensive, and there are those who will bemoan the fact that there isn’t a build of AmigaOS that will run on cheap ARM-based hardware like the Raspberry Pi, I think that A-EON’s plan to produce aspirational hardware is probably the right one.

Count me as one of those bemoaners. Kind of. I’m slowly building a system around a Raspberry Pi 3 inside an Amiga 1200 case (because I am an original and creative thinker). If I could boot it straight in to an Amiga OS that would be ideal. Instead it’s mostly RetroPie-based, and booting in to whichever emulator works the best.