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As Error 53 fury mounts, Miles Brignall of The Guardian is left confused (

Miles Brignall is a consumer reporter, not a tech reporter. Not that tech reporters can be relied upon for much better. But it does help explain why this is 20 paragraphs of (aggregated) rampant speculation, with 2 paragraphs tacked on the end explaining what the problem actually is. With the bogeyman warning up front of “jargon” ahead, of course.

There’s an actual problem here. This is a shitty approach to writing about it.

Greg Jericho: RET review only cares about coal profits (

if you think climate change is all a bit of a scam driven by the UN and NASA with an assist from the Bureau of Meteorology and a vast majority of the world’s scientists, media and governments, then your position on the need for renewable energy is rather altered.

Thank you, Australian public, for electing these chumps. I’d throw a kick into the media as well, but this was one area where the LNP was not even close to ambiguous before the election.

David Marr: AG Brandis’ religious liberty is about the right to define marriage (

Brandis doesn’t have the courage to say what he is talking about. He hides in a storm of philosophy. He sticks to general principles. But when the churches talk about religious liberty in peril these days they have only a couple of things on their minds: the freedom of the faiths to define marriage for everyone and their freedom not to have homosexuals on the payroll. What they are defending in the name of liberty are the last ways they have of punishing homosexuals.

Could have just stopped at “Brandis doesn’t have courage”.