Happiga (happi-game-center.com)

A Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi for the sole purpose of launching into UAE4ARM, preconfigured as an Amiga 4000.

The fall and rise of Final Fantasy XIV (youtube.com)

A series of short videos tracking FFXIV from the project’s beginnings through to its disastrous launch and later resurrection as an almost completely different game. I could do without the crap TW jokes, but what can you do? Gamers are shitheads.

A-EON Amiga X5000 review (arstechnica.com)

From Ars Technica:

It is by no means the fastest PC ever made, but it is certainly the fastest Amiga ever produced. The operating system harkens back to the days when computing was more personal, less corporate, and a lot more fun. Although the X5000 is not inexpensive, and there are those who will bemoan the fact that there isn’t a build of AmigaOS that will run on cheap ARM-based hardware like the Raspberry Pi, I think that A-EON’s plan to produce aspirational hardware is probably the right one.

Count me as one of those bemoaners. Kind of. I’m slowly building a system around a Raspberry Pi 3 inside an Amiga 1200 case (because I am an original and creative thinker). If I could boot it straight in to an Amiga OS that would be ideal. Instead it’s mostly RetroPie-based, and booting in to whichever emulator works the best.

That gum I like came back in style

This post contains general spoilers for Twin Peaks. Ordinarily spoiling a 27 year old series would not be a consideration, but since the new season might be bringing some fresh eyes to the series I figure it might be a fair idea.

Johann Ofner death a wake-up call for film and TV industry safety (abc.net.au)

The ABC is yet to confirm what type of gun was used and if blanks were fired; however, paramedics said Mr Ofner had two penetrating chest wounds and was shot at close range.

Before the fatal shooting, Mr Ofner posted footage on his Instagram Stories feed of two guns on the set of the music video with the caption “faulty props”.

Nobody needs to die on film sets.

Sarah Kendzior: How Hillary Clinton killed the Trump brand (theglobeandmail.com)

Last night, Hillary Clinton, the daughter of a drape maker, revealed the man behind the curtain. Combining the personal with the political, she hit Trump where it hurt – his brand, revealed to be as bankrupt as the businesses he bottomed out.

Installing CS6 on macos Sierra (adobe.com)

So far the CS6 installers do not run in the macOS Sierra GM. I went for a clean install this time because I could no longer fathom the stench of Dropbox upon my system. So here is a quick and easy way to get the CS6 installers running again:

$ cd /Volumes/CS6\ ProdPrm/Adobe\ CS6\ Production\ Premium/Install.app/Contents/MacOS/
$ ./Install

The business model for the creative industries is broken (theguardian.com)

It is the perfect capitalist model: the owners of assets such as hotels and restaurants skim off large profits, while the people who make those profits possible – the performers sweating in the city’s aircon-dodging venues – walk away penniless.

Python Exercises for Kids (regehr.org)

For the last year or so I’ve been giving Python exercises to my 11 year old. I thought I’d share some of them.

The Mir Space Station Was a Marvel, a Clusterfuck, and an Underdog Hero (vice.com)

The core module of the iconic Mir space station, launched 30 years ago Saturday, was a cramped living space that could barely support two cosmonauts. But over the years, the station evolved like a multicellular organism, sprouting six more pressurized limbs from the DOS-7 base block to become the largest spacefaring vessel of its day, as well as the first continuously inhabited orbital outpost in human history.

Full Stack Web Development with Flask (github.com)

Flask is a micro web framework powered by Python. Its API is fairly small, making it easy to learn and simple to use. But don’t let this fool you, as it’s powerful enough to support enterprise-level applications handling large amounts of traffic. You can start small with an app contained entirely in one file, then slowly scale up to multiple files and folders in a well-structured manner as your site becomes more and more complex.

As Error 53 fury mounts, Miles Brignall of The Guardian is left confused (theguardian.com)

Miles Brignall is a consumer reporter, not a tech reporter. Not that tech reporters can be relied upon for much better. But it does help explain why this is 20 paragraphs of (aggregated) rampant speculation, with 2 paragraphs tacked on the end explaining what the problem actually is. With the bogeyman warning up front of “jargon” ahead, of course.

There’s an actual problem here. This is a shitty approach to writing about it.

Amiga Hardware Programming (youtube.com)

This tutorial series is the entry point for those who enjoy programming Assembly language and want to play with the excellent Amiga hardware, for fun and innovation.

More interesting shit that flies straight over my head.

The big sleep (canberratimes.com.au)

Scientists Pat and Peter Shaw died in a suicide pact in October. Here, their daughters reflect on their parents’ plan - and their remarkable lives.

The Amiga Demoscene Mixtape Vol. 1 (youtube.com)

A non-stop DJ Continous Mix featuring some of the greatest and most popular Soundtracks from the early 90s Old School Amiga Demos.

A really very bad SSH bug (undeadly.org)

An information leak (memory disclosure) can be exploited by a rogue SSH server to trick a client into leaking sensitive data from the client memory, including for example private keys.

This is doubleplusungood.